The Community gets involved with the ACCI Kindness Challenge

Thanks to everyone who is taking part in the ACCI Kindness Challenge

We are so grateful for the community getting involved with the ACCI Kindness Challenge, especially during these unprecedented times.

What is the ACCI Kindness Challenge?

Launched during Mental Health Awareness Week, we launched the ACCI Kindness Challenge to encourage random acts of kindness to either yourself, family members and friends during these uncertain times.

How do I get involved with the ACCI Kindness Challenge?

  1. Visit our Facebook Page to check out the different kindness challenges
  2. Feel free to share your challenge by tagging in the ACCI Facebook page and using the hashtag, #ACCIKindnessChallenge

Here are some of the ways in which the local community are getting involved with the ACCI Kindness Challenge.

A poster from one of our students reminding you and your loved ones, how to protect your mental wellbeing during COVID-19.

A Kindness poem by Dawn Riley

Thank You!

Let’s continue to be kind to one another, and however you decide to get involved in the ACCI Kindness Challenge, we appreciate your support.

Don’t forget to visit the ACCI Facebook Page to get involved.

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