Helping and
the community

The partnership with Lloyds Banking Group focuses on raising awareness of mental ill health and empowering Lloyds Banking Group employees to feel confident to support service members using their banking facilities.

Working closely with Lloyds Banking Group has helped the exchange of knowledge and expertise that often leads to better support for people within our community.

The relationship with the local Lloyds Bank branch led to one of our members being able to access banking services without the need for conventional ID.


Supporting members with banking services

“Working with ACCI has given us a better perspective for
helping and supporting vulnerable customers using our banking facilities”
Lisa Thomson
Bank Manager, Lloyds Bank

Helping our members

This connection proved invaluable in helping us support our members who were facing difficulties in banking, for example, Nelson*. Nelson initially held an account with the Post Office, which they used to receive his welfare benefits. However, due to the Post office changing their systems, Nelson had to find a new bank to access his benefits.

Nelson approached several banks to help him join as a new customer, but none of them could help. Nelson had confided to ACCI staff that he was having great difficulty opening an account. The main reason was insufficient identification to meet the bank’s criteria. He had no passport, driving licence/photo ID, and because he was sofa surfing with his brother, he didn’t have utility bills in his name.

This situation was causing a degree of frustration for Nelson. These obstacles also added to his mental ill-health, as there were time constraints to finding a bank.

After our first training session with Lloyds Banking Group branch staff, we spoke to Joanne about Nelson’s predicament. They were able to suggest alternative ID options, which meant Nelson could open an account with the Lloyds Bank branch in Wolverhampton. 

One of our staff members accompanied Nelson to the Wolverhampton Queens Square branch. They met staff, who opened a new account. Our staff member said that she and Nelson felt like a celebrity and that Lloyds bank staff were helpful, because Nelson’s mental health issues aren’t immediately recognisable.”