Safe space for
all of our ACCI

The Journey to your recovery

The wellbeing hub is staffed by experienced and dedicated support workers, who support, encourage and motivate members through their journey to recovery and restoration.

The wellbeing hub offers health promotion activities, as well as structured training and educational sessions for members.

All services embrace the ‘recovery and restoration ethos’ which promotes social inclusion, confidence building and improved and sustained self-esteem. The Wellbeing hub remains a safe space and sanctuary for many of our members.

Meet. Learn. Share.

Our Hub

room 1

Pool Room

Pool is great for reducing stress, improving patience, discipline and self-control The Pool Room is a safe space where Service Members can come together, socialise and interact with one another in a friendly and informal environment.

Room 5

Dining Room

Eating a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients can help to improve your mood, increase your energy levels, and help you think clearer. At the ACCI we have an onsite catering team providing home cooked Caribbean meals and dedicated space for members to eat.

Room 2

Yellow Room

Taking the time to chill out can have numerous benefits for our physical and mental health. Within the Hub, we have a dedicated space for members to chill out, watch TV and take part in group activities

Room 5

The Office

We have a dedicated office space for our team, who are always on hand to support service members.

Room 3

Blue Room

Studies have shown that therapies including arts, dance, music and drama have been hugely beneficial in treating mental health. Our dedicated Arts & craft space for members allows them to take part in activities such as sewing, jewellery making and painting.

Room 6

Internet Area

The internet is an essential way for members to access information and communicate with others. We have dedicated space for members to come along and access the internet for completing online applications or other important services they need to access.