ACCI celebrates Men’s Health Week

Dedicated to men putting their health first, the national week takes place 15th - 21st June.

“Keeping safe during COVID-19” is the theme for 2020. With the aim of  reminding you how important it is to protect your health and keep safe during COVID-19.

To celebrate the week, we’ve launched the ACCI Men’s Health Fitness Challenge. Not only does this fitness challenge encourage the local community to get involved, but it encourages all participants to get their family and friends involved too. So far, we’ve had fitness challenge video submissions from our staff and Board members.

The fitness challenge runs for 20 days, so if you’d like to get involved visit the ACCI Facebook page.

We’ve also got a personal message from our Board members to all the men in the local community.

Listen to personal messages from our Board members, talk about the importance of looking after your health and wellbeing.

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