Strengthening our partnership with the Council to help eradicate COVID

 We’ve teamed up with Wolverhampton City Council to help encourage the local community to get their COVID vaccination, if they haven’t done so already.

As a result of a lower take up of the covid vaccination across Wolverhampton, we’ve teamed up with the City Council to educate and raise awareness of the importance of the vaccination amongst the local community.

“Working with the Council to help dispel the myths around the vaccine amongst the local community is really important to us. We have a duty of care to provide as much information and knowledge as possible to the local community and make sure everyone is aware of the importance of taking the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Facts about the COVID 19 vaccination

  • The vaccine is safe, effective and approved.
  • The vaccine is free.
  • The vaccine is given as an injection in your upper arm.
  • The vaccine does not contain alcohol or animal products.

How can I get my Covid-19 vaccine? If you're aged 16 or over you can:

  • Book your COVID-19 vaccination appointments online for an appointment at a vaccination centre or pharmacy
  • Find a walk-in COVID-19 vaccination site to get vaccinated without needing an appointment
  • Wait to be contacted by your GP surgery and book your appointments with them

About the Covid Vaccination programme

The Covid Vaccination programme is led by the NHS, commissioned by NHS England and overseen locally by Black Country & West Birmingham CCG and local Primary Care Networks. The local authority’s role is to support the NHS to deliver the programme and ensure an equitable offer is available to those across the city. You can find more information regarding this from the Black Country & West Birmingham CCG.

Alternatively visit the ACCI COVID-19 Hub.

To get involved with any of the ACCI Mental Health Awareness challenges please call 01902 571 230.